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Faster search in TextMate - Ack

You'll forget about using Shift+Command+F, you'll start using Shift+Command+A instead. Ack, not Search. Installation:

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Created on 01 November 2009

How to intall Apache with PHP on Mac OS X?

Apache is already installed, you just have to start it in System Preferences > Sharing > Web Sharing (enable it by clicking checkbox).

I don't really remember installing PHP, so I guess it was already installed ;-). To enable it working with Apache you have to uncomment default line:

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Created on 01 February 2009

Starting with Mac

If you're just starting with Mac, you should visit: http://opensourcemac.org/ Software you wish to install first is: Quicksilver, Adium, Firefox.

If you were using OpenOffice, then NeoOffice is its alternative for Mac OS.

Created on 01 January 2009

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