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Seven billion people infographics

Infographics was made with free vector graphics software, Inkscape. I've used data from wikipedia.org, also all SVG maps of continents and countries come from there. I hope it's either useful, or fun, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Created on 30 May 2011

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InvisibleHand wins two a4u Awards

It was an awesome evening for everyone who worked on InvisibleHand and appeared at the awards ceremony. Having been nominated in four categories we were hoping to grab some of the trophies... As it turned out we've won Publisher Innovation Award, as there is no denying to the fact that InvisibleHand is a really innovative product. Another one was Best 3rd Party Affiliate Application. Both are equally valuable to me as a developer of this product.

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Created on 29 May 2011

First short film

On the Saturday of 16th October 2010, we set out with intent to test new Canon EOS 550D and shot a short contemporary dance film. It was supposed to be a preparation to another short film, or a series of those, that we're about to make in 2011. We, meaning me and Anna Stasyk, with help of our friend Pauline Rafal.

What was known before shooting the film was location - more or less at least. Somewhere around Brick Lane, with brick wall as a background, on a street or an alley mos

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Created on 24 October 2010

Giving a presentation

I've been to quite a few conferences in not so distant past, and every time I am surprised (or maybe I should get used to it) that there are speakers who fail to give their talk in interesting and professional way that would be also very beneficial for all listeners. Giving a talk is exhausting, but listening to a few of them in one day, may be too. Let's start by saying that even if you have something really interesting to say, you may fail in may ways, and I'll try to point out only a few

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Created on 02 January 2010